Buttigieg’s Stubble and Klobuchar’s Bang-Shake

The over-produced debates on high def TV’s are indelicate when it comes to faces. Onscreen, the candidates resemble a coked-up friend at 2am who is shouting, shimmying, and sweating at you. It’s all so fast and loud— especially at last night’s South Carolina debate, with everyone waving their hands like they’re out raving in 1997. Never in my life have I seen so much face-skin! The exact texture, so visible we can feel it. Every make-up decision is obvious, making every mistake glaring. Not a single eye-brow hair escapes the blinding truth of the cameras.

First — Televisions.






Tom Steyer


  • that last word may take a minute, but you’ll get there.




Makeup Artist. Writer. Dip-maker. www.sarahgraalman.com

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Sarah Graalman

Sarah Graalman

Makeup Artist. Writer. Dip-maker. www.sarahgraalman.com

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